Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Letter: Serious contender for county commissioner

| November 2, 2008 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

Jerry Okonski is offering a bit of intrigue and excitement to this year's race for county commissioner. As write-in candidate, he is a serious contender for the position.

It is common knowledge that Okonski beat Libby mayor Tony Berget in the five Libby precincts that know and understand the candidates as it's their home turf.

Keying in on that, we as informed and educated voters should ask ourselves, 'Why did Tony Berget get only 24.5 percent of the votes in his hometown?'

'Why did the folks who know him best only give him lukewarm support?'

Okonski received 81 more votes than Berget in the Libby area but lost the primary by 42. Had the situation been reversed and Okonski won by a narrow margin, a write-in candidate probably would have emerged and that would be good, it's democratic. In a democracy, we need choices.

In the county commissioner race we now have a choice ' a Republican or a write-in which provides us with a unique opportunity to elect a person whose name doesn't appear on the ballot ' Jerry Okonski.

Jim Hurst