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Yard sale signs need to come with instructions

| May 30, 2008 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

This should be a good question for people in Libby to know the answer to ' yard sale sign do's and don'ts.

Everytime we have a yard sale, our signs are taken down. So, we went to someone who works for the city. She made a few phone calls and said that we couldn't post any signs to any power poles, street lights, city lights, public property, street signs, or anything that has power running to it.

Since we live out of town, we had to call the state road department to find out what their ease of access is so that we don't put signs in their area. But since we live on a road that is off the main highway, we had to call the county to find out where their ease of access is and make sure it doesn't cross over the state road.

We found out that we have to make our own signs on our own poles and put them out. We went to Ace, found nice poles, put the signs on the poles and got permission to place our signs on business property. We woke up one morning to have our signs taken down.

It is the time of year when everyone wants to have yard sales, moving sales, auctions or whatever. Will the city please print the 'nots' of yard sale signs so that the community can have a yard sale without stepping on the toes of the county, city, state, businesses and anyone else that I left out?

There are some diehard yard sale fanatics out in this community who rely on the signs to guide them to their treasures.

Michelle Welch