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Turner Mountain's Top to Dog Relay Race

by Jeremie Vella Western News
| March 21, 2008 12:00 AM

The sixth annual Top to Dog Relay Race happens this Saturday at 2 p.m.

Four member teams of various ages, ranging from high school students to the “Old Farts”-a team of senior citizens-will spend the afternoon skiing, bicycling and jogging to the Red Dog Saloon.

The first two legs of the race involve skiing up and down the mountain, followed by a 3.2 mile run to Pipe Creek Road where the last member of the team is ready to bicycle 12 miles to the saloon.

Various prizes, donated from local businesses, are awarded to the top three participants in each leg of the race.

Rosauers donated a gift basket of steak dinner and red wine for the top skier, while the Montana Athletic Club is offering free massages to the top runner. Tom Ostrowski, the founder of the relay race, has raised $700 in gifts and cash donations that will also go into buying equipment for Turner Mountain Brush Cutting.

Registration is still open, with a fee of $10. For more information call Tom Ostrowski at 293-3571.