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It's time for the 'power of the people' to be enacted

| March 13, 2008 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I recently attended a series of Libby City Council meetings and was encouraged by the amount of citizens that attended to support their views on a specific subject. Their support and opposition persuaded the council to listen to their constituents and do the right thing.

I would encourage all citizens of Libby and the surrounding area to attend the city council meetings. It would soon become obvious that the mayor and members of the city council are disorganized, unprofessional and inept. At times, the meetings took on a circus-like atmosphere.

Council members, who either didn't take the time to research or to review the items on the agenda, were confused and had to have the subjects explained to them over and over. It appeared that information that had been distributed to them had not been read or even reviewed, as many had no idea of recent changes or the subject matter contained within the documents.

When the council requested opinions from its legal counselor, Charles Evans, many members became even more confused and frustrated with his inability to make a point and give clear concise legal council. Many members of the council and the audience were lost and confused in Mr. Evan's mumbo jumbo, to the point that one councilman finally got fed up and intervened to move on. The only thing on the agenda that the council agreed upon was how to cheat the already underpaid police out-of-pocket that was part of their Social Security benefit.

Another interesting issue that I would like to see the public get involved with is a proposal from the mayor and city council to purchase a home at the east end of Lincoln Boulevard, for approximately $60,000, so they can spend more money to demolish it, so they can spend more money to develop approximately two more blocks of Lincoln Boulevard in an effort to “tie the downtown business area and the City Hall complex together,” based on a college students thesis about the city of Libby.

As it is now, the city has a hard time maintaining what roads they have, it's obvious by the condition of them. Wouldn't it make more sense and reflect more on the city to spend those funds fixing the already established roads and improving the business areas.

I have spoken to many people about this and none of them find any sense in this proposal, I encourage the public to show up and speak their opinion on the matter. We all saw the power of the people work, so let's continue to use that power to mold the city of Libby as it should be, not as a group of special minded individuals “think” it should be.

Come to a meeting and you will see the mayor's inability to lead our local city government, as a member of this community I am often embarrassed by his actions “arrg,” and now he wishes for you to elect him to lead the county government.

My intention is not to “bash” the city council, but to encourage the public to demand organized, professional leadership, to encourage the public to participate in its government and to make clear to our representatives what we expect of them and how our community should develop. The “power of the people” only exists if the people empower it to do so.

Frances Evans