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Waiting for the day of redemption

| September 28, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I am almost 53 years old and I went to Libby's contaminated schools in Libby since 1966 and W.R. Grace was in full production, exposure.

I played on the piles of deadly vermiculite and we all put fire to it to watch it grow 10 times it's size.

Science class was always doing this. They also put this deadly stuff in our food when I was going to Asa Wood.

Ten years ago I too could hike anywhere my feet would take me. I hunted, I fished, I played ball and ran with the rest of them.

Flying in a plane and driving a car thousands of miles is not no big deal, even today that is about all I can do as I can no longer hike, hunt or even fish because of my dying from asbestos only allows me to live on SSI so I have to remain dirt poor until those who did this to me pay for slowly killing me.

Then I shall travel all over and everywhere you can bet on that. Course not without my forced oxygen and powered wheel chair.

I still plan to have a blast. I can't even afford to come to Libby to visit my kids and family from Missoula, cost me over a hundred bucks to make the trip, which I do not have.

I know alot of people in Libby who are 70, 80 and even 90's still hanging in there and I am truly happy for them too but I must remind you that almost 2,000 people of Libby are dead and dying today from what was done to them.

We have entire generations of family that are dead and dying today from what was done to us, knowingly. And we also have over 200 new and healthy generations of families who continue to move to Libby being told that Libby is safe.

And you bet that I have been talking about how deadly this exposure is on all the people exposed enough to suffer and die from living and breathing Libby's deadly air.

What is ridiculous and criminal is the failure to inform, warn and protect people from something that is known to kill you and to continue exposing new people to the same thing that has/is killing thousands in Libby.

Libby is a great place to live, it sure was from the day I moved to Libby in 66. But the price paid to live in such a great town has ended for a lot of us dead and dying today.

This is about those we leave behind as someone should have warned, informed and protected all of my family and Libby when we moved to Libby instead of being told your sick and dying, go have a good day in 1999.

It is called the truth and I am sorry but you do not know the truth for if you did you would be trying to save people from a horrible way to live and die as I am.

Those lies are killing people today and who the hell cares in Libby??? I don't know why I should or do but I just do.

All the things I have been telling all of you since 1999 is scientific as I do not make this up. I have educated myself to be a authority and so called expert on Libby and exposure to asbestos that Libby is not safe to anything today that breathes.

I know it is hard for all of you business folks to face the truth of course when you are making more money than ever before because EPA has/is the hand that feeds all of you.

Denial and ignorance to the truth overtakes the reality to the things we already know about. I could care less about any of you denial folks. You're all old enough to make your own choices right or wrong.

I know you don't care either but Mike Crill is about the truth and protecting the children from what has been done to most of us.

Libby can exist until EPA is gone and you all can carry on in life but to knowingly allow innocent folks to move to Libby because of lies that we all know will kill them. Someone has to speak out for them.

Do you think that Libby is safe for people to move to Libby today? I am about the people, you are about that buck and this is where we are different when it comes to telling the people the truth that Libby is not a safe place to live and raise a family.

I guess my priorities are saving folks,and I sure have. I am a scientist when I can tell you all the truth. It is up to you all to believe me or not. In the end you will wish you had listened to Mike Crill. When it is you being hooked up to forced oxygen and unable to walk, run or play with the grandkids. Pretty sad, but true.

Mike Crill