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Taxation without represenation?

| September 14, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

What°Os next, our phone number?

We bought 50 acres from the Federal government 18 years ago with the idea of starting a well needed full-hookup RV park in the area.

Before construction, we had engineer°Os specs, permits, state and county paperwork, etc., but needed addresses. Since we were 16.3 miles from town and on the east side of Highway 37, the county planner assigned us the address of 163000 Highway 37, Libby, Mt.

We have about 1/4 mile of Highway 37 frontage. A government easement road runs through our property and dead ends at the switching station.

This road also goes west from Highway 37 for about 1/4 mile, all government owned. This road was named Jennings Hiline Drive and the signage was cast in the same concrete that made the dam years ago. Now, the out of state guys decided to rename this short road Libby Dam Road.

Last year the state sent a guy up to GPS our well and septic locations. RV parks need 1,000 feet separations. Later, they sent us a map showing one well on Highway 37. We sent them back the corrected locations with the request of a corrected map. They haven°Ot responded.

We°Ove also had surveyors here indicating that my °)()(Army Corps of Engineering°+/- boundary markers are incorrect. No one or any device is correct all the time.

To make matters worse, we have more than 20 RVers using our address during the summer months.

We have spent many years passing out literature from here to the Mexican border and an address change would be an insurmountable aggravation with all our advertisement, paperwork, website, etc. We also have four large signs on Highway 37, one 20 feet in the air.

We hereby propose to help furnish rubber stamps for all who ask with the words from an old Elvis song, °)()(Return to sender, no such address, no such place.°+/-

We, as a group, can together overcome this state re-addressing system that we don°Ot want but are paying for through taxation forced upon us. Let°Os throw the tea overboard. Grrrr!

Note: We owned an operated George°Os Plumbing and Heating in Libby for the same 18 years, mostly repair and replacement and never found it a problem to find a home or business location in short order. We are now retired from the plumbing business.

A6P5George and Lynette


Hook-U-Up RV Park, Libby