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No more dusting under the rug for EPA property cleanup

| September 12, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my gratitude for the Western News running the article last week titled "Local woman accuses the EPA of dishonesty."

I believe that this issue should be brought to the public's attention so we all keep a closer eye on the procedures that Environmental Restoration (ER) is using in their cleanup process.

According to EPA, ER, in some instances are not using the guidelines, such as 1:1 slope while digging around foundations or hand digging around trees out to the dew line, thus resulting in damages.

I would also like to call on other property owners who have had damage done to the inside or outside of the home by the cleanup efforts to let their voices be heard. They should contact; Sen. Baucus' office in Kalispell, D.C. Orr or The Western News.

I was told by EPA that 90 percent of cleanup property owners were satisfied and that I just happened to fall in the 10 percent that was not happy. I find this hard to believe after seeing the procedures that were done on my property.

We are only about halfway through the property cleanup as of now. If we speak up now we may be able to change the way things are done on the future property cleanups. Then folks won't have to go through the trauma and stress of severely damaged trees or foundations that has befallen me.

Once again I thank you.

Laura Wilson