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Trumpeting the merits of address changes

| September 5, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I realize that there are several people around Libby that think this address change is nothing but trouble. I ask you to consider this; when my father was having a seizure, and no one else was home, my mother had to stand at the top of our driveway with a flashlight so the ambulance could find the house instead of being with my father because the two driveways before our house had higher numbers than ours.

The ambulance could not find our house and turned around two or three times looking for it. Think not only about your own health but also about the safety of the emergency crew that is trying to find your house on a dark road with incorrect addresses.

It's not just emergency crews we need to consider either. Anytime people try to find our house based on the address they always turn around at the neighbors and go back down the street because they think they passed our house somehow.

So what if you have to spend a couple bucks on stamps? Most of the mail you will need to change will be on the back of bills that need to get sent in with a stamp anyway.

Also, most companies allow you to change your contact information online. The address change is needed and is going to happen. I personally think it is a very good thing.

Thank you to the EMS crew that kept looking for the right house that dark night and for taking care of my Dad, that night and the times after that that they were called.

Carla Fisher