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New legislation makes for stronger laws

| November 27, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

I would like to request that Lincoln County, mainly Libby adopt the same program that Missoula is implementing into law to ensure that peoples' health and safety is the concern by holding people accountable who fail to protect people from asbestos exposure. Because contractors and builders, etc. have failed to do things right, which has resulted in exposure because of the cost to do the right thing, Missoula is now going to make it a law that everyone must have an asbestos inspection prior to any permit being issued by the city or county.

This not only protects the home owner and family but also those in the neighborhood who too are exposed to asbestos when done wrong. What a great idea, huh? And failure to comply will result in criminal charges filed and a hefty fine. DEQ also supports this plan/law and sooner or later, most of USA will adapt this law to their towns to protect people.

Of course with Libby full of asbestos and all homes not cleaned inside still causing exposure, Libby will have to find someone like me to test for asbestos as you all know I would not lie to you nor cover things up. You would be able to trust me and I have pondered being a licensed inspector for such a job. After all, I'm already a expert and very capable, which I know would have a lot of you shaking in your boots if I got to oversee you. Look out. Adopt this law Libby and Troy, for all your sakes and safety.

Mike Crill