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LHS Speech, Debate and Drama fairs well for season

| November 27, 2007 11:00 PM

Libby High School took a small group to Bigfork to compete in the first invitational of the 2007-2008 Speech, Debate and Drama season on Nov. 2. Libby scored third in team sweeps behind Corvallis and Polson. Corvallis has a large team in all three categories of competition, and their competitors are very good.

Both coaches, Shelley Fisher and Cynthia Curtiss, were pleased with most of the results. It was a large competition.

Freshman Angel Hale: 2nd in pantomime of a "Magician in a Box."

Freshmen Elizabeth Rogers and Jason Schikora: 7th in Humorous Duo performing "Close Encounters of the Wierd Kind."

Senior Dezzy Dodd: 2nd in Humorous Solo titled "Steve."

Junior Kammi McClain and sophomore John Vinion: 6th in Humorous Duo rendition of "Arsenic and Old Lace."

Sophomore Stephanie Parsons: 2nd in Serious Solo performing "Bye, Bye, Baby."

Sophomore Stormy Naylor-Sauby: 3rd in Serious Solo with a piece called "Daddy."

Juniors Stormy Miller and Julie Slater: 3rd in Classical Theater performing a cutting from Shakespeare's "Julius Ceasar."

Also competing was freshman Miranda Raab. She had been in a classical duo, and her partner couldn't attend Bigfork due to the band marching in the quarter-final football game. She performed her cutting from Gilbert & Sullivan's "Ruddigore." Junior Andi Moog did a Suze Orman speech in Memorized Public Address. Juniors Brandi Mirador and Kat Wilson performed in "Tear Along the Dotted Line," a Humorous Duo. Wilson is a newcomer to the team and is doing quite well.

Libby scored 56 drama sweeps to a 57 for Corvallis during the Speech, Debate and Drama event in Polson on Nov. 10. This was a great improvement over the previous week in Bigfork. Host team Polson was third with a score of 48. Hamilton was fourth, with 41 points, Bigfork was fifth, with a score of 35. Eight schools competed in the drama events. Twelve competed in the speech and debate categories.

The coaches were pleased as they were rushed upon arriving in Polson. The team had bus troubles and were a half-hour behind on their schedule. The kids dressed in Kalispell to be ready upon arrival.

Mime: Angel Hale placed 2nd behind Ronan's Danny Beaver, who placed at the state competition last year.

Classical Duo: Stormy Miller and Julie Slater performed a new piece from Romeo and Juliet and took 2nd place.

Humourous Duo: freshman Elizabeth Rogers and Jason Schikora took 4th place. The pair work really hard and improve each week.

Serious Duo: Brandi Mirador and Kat Wilson improved to 5th place.

Memorized Public Address: Andi Moog took 7th place in her first finals event.

Congratulations to Dezzy Dodd in Humorous Solo and Stormy Naylor-Sauby in Serious Solo. Both young ladies were tournament champions.

Matt Lanini did well in his first competition in Serious Oral Interpretation of Literature. He didn't make finals, but had good scores. Both Kammi McClain and Miranda Raab were without their partners. They participated in Humorous Oral Intrepretation of Literature. Stephanie Parsons competed in Serious Solo.

The Loggers traveled to Kalispell for the two day Kalispell Invitational on Friday, Nov. 16. Speech events were at the new Glacier View High School. Drama events were at Flathead High School.

The team took second place with 79 points, falling behind Corvallis who had 89 points. Hamilton came in third with 53 points and Polson took fourth with 53 points. Hamilton had more first place wins.

In Memorized Public Address Andi Moog did "remarkably well," said coach Fisher. Moog did not place with the 53 competitors. Matt Lanini and Kammi McClain performed in Humorous Oral Intrepretation. There were 56 competitors and 25 teams competing.

Placing second in Humorous Duo were Elizabeth Rogers and Jason Schikora. Competing in Serious Duo, Brandi Mirador and Kat Wilson placed 3rd overall.

Stormy Miller and Julie Slater competed in the Classical Duo and received 4th place. A new team competing in Classical Duo consisted of Miranda Raab and Mike Weiss, who took 6th place.

In Serious Solo Stephanie Parsons to 8th place and Stormy Naylor-Sauby took 2nd place in Serious Solo.

Dezzy Dodd took first place in Humorous Solo and Angel Hale took 1st in Mime and Tim Zhang, an exchange student from Shanghai, China, took 2nd place in Mime. This Zhang's first tournament.

"The kids did really well," Fisher said. "One of these days we'll get Corvallis, they are a large-numbered team."

The Libby Invitational will be on Saturday, Dec. 8. The coaches will be calling for judges. If anyone is interested in being a judge, call Shelly Fisher at 293-7988 or 293-8802, ext. 245 or call Cynthia Curtiss at 291-0536. There will be a judging workshop on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the LHS library.