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Get a handle on inaccessible roads

| November 15, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Please don't think of me as an outsider, I grew up in Libby, moved on to greener pastures and currently reside in Kennewick, Wash. But once every other year of so I have the need to return to my roots as many of us do and look up old friends and relatives and maybe spend some time camping.

In my teens I backpacked into several of the high lakes in the Cabinets and they still attract me like a magnet. It's where I want my ashes spread when I kick the bucket. But to the point, every year I return I'm more and more shocked at how much land has become inaccessible. On one of my last trips to Libby I took my grandson along and he got tired of hearing me say, "shoot, this road used to be open!"

Citizens of Lincoln County you better get a handle on this problem or your grandchildren won't know the forest from the trees.

And next time you see "an out of stater" just smile and wave. You may have grown up with us. We still remember to carry an axe, bucket and shovel and what we pack in, we pack out. Thanks.

Eric Olson

Kennewick, Wash.