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Cabinet Resource Group at it once again

| March 28, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Once again Cabinet Resource Group is at it. This time they are claiming to be experts on grizzly bears. Last time it was mining law.

Teaming up with Alliance For The Wild Rockies, Lands Council, Great Bear Foundation, Selkirk Conservation Alliance, National Resource Defense Council, Idaho Conservation League and being led by the head crook, The Environmental Law Center.

Once again either our public lands are going to be stolen from us or public funds that are supposed to go to Forest Service management projects will be stolen by these thieving environmental lawyers and the groups they represent.

We have already hired personnel to manage our public lands. If corporate donations are not enough to satisfy your greed, go into real estate and stay the hell out of my national forests.

Please call or e-mail our elected officials, as I have, and tell them to modify "The Equal Access To Justice Act" proving actual governmental malfeasance instead of paying lawyer fees unless the government can prove that its actions were "substantially justified."

If these groups want to close off more public lands to protect grizzly bears they can take some of their millions of dollars donated to them by corporate America and fence off all of the wildlife refuges to keep the bears out of my national forests.

By the way, who was given the "Grizzly Bear Recovery Mandate?" I haven't read it, but I can bet that none of these groups are named in it.

Harry Turnland