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People don't want or need Waters' type of government

| March 21, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I am one that usually does not send letters to the editor but in this case I could not help it.

Mr. Waters' letter complaining about the way this state and country is governed is absurd.

I have a couple of questions for Mr. Waters: If the socialism in South America is so great, why are you here enjoying this wonderful state and country? If socialism is so great, why didn't our forefathers choose socialism, communism, or a dictatorship?

This country is not perfect and is always evolving but I can tell you this: Montana and the rest of this wonderful country will not ever be able to prosper in the kind of environment that you prescribe.

The majority of the people in this state and country have lived in and prospered in a democratic society for over 200 years. Do you really think that people want or need your type of government? I think not.

Russ Bache