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It's time for us to form the People's Republic of Montana

| March 16, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Yes, Bob Creighton, socialism is next.

That is why I and Yvonne distribute the People's Weekly World to the people.

We are hoping for a socialist revolution in Montana like the glorious Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela, like the socialist revolutions sweeping all of South America.

It is time that we the people replace this brutal savage corporate capitalist oligarchy we live in with the first socialist state in the union. The People's Republic of Montana. We can then throw off the yoke of capitalist debt slavery.

Land reform and free universal health care, housing for the homeless, food for all the people, human rights for all the people. Social welfare for all of the people instead of corporate welfare for the rich ruling class.

A right to a job, and the right to have a union in the workplace, public transportation everywhere for everybody. State sawmills like in Troy so our logs are milled in Montana instead of Idaho and state mines so the people have jobs at union wages. State enterprise for all people.

Viva socialismo!

Daniel Gawain Waters