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Republicans still don't understand what happened in November

| March 1, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

The Republicans are still mulling over what happened last Nov. 7. Why didn't the conservative base support them as expected? Why did so many move over to third parties? Why did they lose both the House and the Senate?

There is no doubt that many conservatives in Montana voted for the Libertarian candidate, causing Conrad Burns to lose to Jon Tester. This was enough to give the Democrats the Senate majority.

The conservative base in America became demoralized by the Bush administration policies. The Bush neo-conservatism is not the traditional conservatism that supports honesty in government and constitutional rights.

The terms conservative and liberal have taken on very nebulous meanings. But according to "The Conservative Caucus," the election results were attributable to the policies of the Bush administration in many areas. In addition to Iraq, these include:

* Advocacy of amnesty for illegal aliens.

* Failure to enforce existing immigration laws which require penalization of corporations that hire illegal aliens.

* Promotion of a North American Union scheme to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico.

* Historically high subsidies to Planned Parenthood.

* Appointment of open homosexuals to key positions.

* Massive expansion of the federal role in education.

* Increased funding of the United Nations.

* Expansion of foreign aid.

* Failure to effectively move forward deployment of a ballistic missile defense.

* Budget busting expansion of non-defense federal spending and massive increases in annual deficits and the overall national debt.

* Trade policies which have undermined America's manufacturing base and placed millions of American jobs at risk.

* Approval of anti-family FDA policies such as authority for the distribution of RU-486 and over the counter sales of "morning after" contraceptives.

* Approval of threats to U.S. civil liberties, including elements of the Patriot Act.

* Signing into law the McCain-Feingold election regulation bill in clear violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

* The congressional leadership in the House and Senate, by and large, rubber stamping unconstitutional Bush administration policies, instead of fulfilling responsibilities of oversight and independent judgment.

So what should we expect now that the Democrats are the majority party in both the House and the Senate?

Will the Democrats do something about Iraq? Will they continue to fund a continuation, and even expansion, of the war? Will they push the White House for some kind of timely withdrawal? If they should decide to be constitutional there are only two choices. Declare war or bring the troops home. Only congress has constitutional authority to declare war. Of course this has been ignored by our government as far back as the Korean Conflict.

So far it appears the Democrats appear to be giving us more of the same. A non-binding resolution is no improvement. It is nothing but political maneuvering.

One thing we can anticipate is that the Democratic controlled Congress will work closely with President George W. Bush in further opening the floodgates of illegal immigration. Amnesty for illegals is probably now, a certainty. The NAFTA superhighway is likewise a probable certainty.

Much of the opposition to a North American Union with the additional level of government above the three nations has been reduced. The Council on Foreign Relations' task force report entitled "Building a North American Community" contains the blueprint for creating a North American Union by 2010. This task force report makes it clear that a fundamental goal of the contemplated North American Union would be to redefine boundaries so that the primary immigration control will be around the three countries of the North American Union, not between the three countries.

There will be only minor politically oriented changes to the advancement of the New World Order unless the populace as a whole gets fed up with the directions that our government is taking and insists that the only power that the government can have is that which is by the consent of the governed.

Russell Brown