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Watchful warning for summer time activities

| June 21, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I do hope that EPA monitors the asbestos that will be created by the rodeo and the motor cross race. Any disturbance of anything in Libby will create exposure just like the girl scouts sweeping the sidewalks and streets. While you all are enjoying the festivities, look around all the children and which way the wind is blowing and hope that your child is not in harms way, course with this deadly fiber traveling up to 20 miles, you all better be concerned what you are breathing and who is being exposed to deadly levels of Tremolite asbestos fibers.

How can you all be so blind and ignorant not to care about exposure to something that kills people,like you? Or don't you people care? I promise you will when it is you who can't breathe or walk very far without forced oxygen. Oh what a life you will have and I don't feel a bit sorry for any of you who are so ignorant to not be concerned about the health and safety of innocent people; children who will breathe Tremolite asbestos fibers from all the dust being created. Enjoy your rodeo and motorcross and don't forget to inhale every chance you get cause EPA tells you all Libby's air is safe. This is a deadly lie. Wake up Libby…

What in the hell is wrong with you people? Why aren't you saving people, warning them of this deadly exposure. It is too bad that you people (media) aren't being charged with murder because you too are knowingly allowing this to happen to innocent people. AGAIN…Libby is still knowingly killing people by the lies that are being told and the truth that is not being told. Cold blooded people you all are. And thanks for not printing my warnings to those innocent people that did get exposed to deadly asbestos fibers. Unreal and criminal.

Mike Crill