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Nordicfest needs volunteers and fresh ideas

| June 6, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Libby Nordicfest is seeking board members and volunteers for the festival. Our board is made up of veterans who have served a long time. We have two newer members and the rest have served over 3 years. We need replacements as: president, treasurer, parade chairperson, craft chairperson and food booths. We also have empty positions for vice president, education, property management, souvenirs, out of town parade chairperson and secretary.

Our current board members have been filling in on the empty positions. Our long-term members are burned out and we need new people with new ideas and energy.

People in the community need to step forward if the festival is to continue. We would welcome volunteers to be co-chair persons for a year and then take over.

Barb, my wife, who is the treasurer and myself wish to resign at the end of this year's festival. Barb has been on the board for over 10 years and myself since 1999. We have other things in our life we would like to do and we have lost our enthusiasm.

If no one starts to come forward to help, I believe that Libby Nordifest will cease to exist.

Please contact me at 293-6430 in the evenings.


John Desch, President

Libby Nordifest, Inc.