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Lack of service disappoints customer

| June 6, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Needed to mail a small parcel the other day so I headed out to the local U.S. Postal service office in Libby.

Pretty quiet when I went in so I received prompt attention. The fellow at the counter took my package and while processing it says, "This is an Oregon address but a Washington zip code." Rather embarrassed, I said, "O dear, I didn't have my glasses on so I must have misread the number. Would you help me get the right ZIP code as I know the address is right?"

The fellow said he couldn't do that as "they", whoever they is, took the book and he no longer had a way to look up the ZIP code—but I could go outside to a pay phone and dial the 1-800 U.S. Postal Service number, or I could go online.

Looking around I could see there wasn't a line but this fellow must have had a lot to do and I had already been dismissed with, "see you later" and seeing as how I don't have a computer, the only choice left for me was to arrive back to my house and use my phone—sure glad I don't live in Troy.

But you know— that fellow is right! That 1-800 number had the right number— course you have to converse with the computer and answer several questions first—but by golly, the system works! And, it better be quiet when you call as background noise can give the computer the wrong info and you may need to start over.

I'm thinking the U.S. Postal Service should delete the word service from its name. It seems it already has removed the practice of service. But then, that might prompt another postal increase so everything could be re-printed.

Better yet, just give the fellow back the ZIP code book, so just maybe he could exercise a little service and help another little white-haired lady!

Disappointed but wiser.

Anita Shock