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Less than impressed

| July 30, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor,

I'm appalled at the city of Libby's commissioner's. When asked to vote on putting in a pool for the city (undoubtedly for the kids), it was voted down. It seems to me that a pool would be much better served than what has been placed on Mineral Ave….oh..don't get me wrong…it's nice…but what about the kids in this town? Wouldn't the money be much better spent in building something for the kids? Possibly a water park? What are they now to do with their time since the Drive-In is now gone?

One might think that the city would get together and somehow come up with a plan to assist the folks who own the Drive-In to get it back up. After all we spent how many thousands of dollars on an eagle on Mineral Avenue, that someone will kill themselves on because they aren't going to realize how close those uprights are to the road.

Who are the Commissioner's actually taking care of? Themselves? Certainly not the good citizens of this town, and no consideration for kids either….and we wonder why they seem to be leaning toward alcohol and drugs. Could it be, possibly, that they have nothing better to do? I wonder whose pockets are being lined? Who's related to the man that constructed the Eagle? Questions, questions, questions…..shame…shame…shame on you.

Loretta Stevens