Monday, October 02, 2023

Having no faith in the EPA

| July 27, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

First I want to thank The Western News for printing my warnings to the people of Libby. I just wish there were more Mike Crills in Libby to speak out to the people of Libby about the continued exposure and the lies that are being told. Realtors getting rich on the misfortunes of others, are you telling all these folks that Libby is a safe place to live and raise a family when you sell them a house or property that is/may be contaminated with Tremolite asbestos? I am sure you are not and when those folks are diagnosed with asbestos related disease from not being told the truth, I don't feel sorry for any of you because as David Newman said, when EPA comes to a town that is a superfund site, the first thing that EPA does is meet with the Realtors, mayor, LLC, medical professions, health officials, etc. and tells them that EPA is about "How we can downplay the exposure" and then how much money can be made. Bingo.

Seven plus years and over $100 million spent for nothing only to redo all that has been done since 1999. In 2005, EPA stated 16,000 samples were taken and nothing found. Helen Keller even calls BS to that lie. What happened to the money spent on those 16,000 samples. Course Mr. Newman also states that EPA refused to use the proper scopes to iddentify fiber count, knowing that all the readings come back clean or non-detect. Gee, I wonder by doing this that EPA is aware of the truth yet are telling you all lies which are knowingly exposing innocent people/families today and since 1999. I can't imagine EPA would do such a thing (get real) unless all those who met with EPA in 1999 are all a part of this continued deadly exposure, knowingly, for the money. I just can't imagine (get real). EPA is worse than W.R. Grace and so are the rest of you who also allowed this exposure to continue, knowingly since 1999.

You need to stop telling people that Libby is safe and to not compare Libby to what has happened in NY/9-11. All this deadly Tremolite asbestos was created in Libby where hundreds of tons still exist today. Course I don't hold my breath (ain't got much to hold) for any of you to tell the truth now since over 200 folks have moved to Libby since 1999 to be exposed to Tremolite asbestos and to die from Tremolite asbestos exposure, knowingly. What a town.

Mike Crill