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Singing the praise of doctors

| July 20, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

In reply to the Amy Bennett letter of praise to those at St. Johns. I do agree that good people do take care of us but I also must remind you that for a doctor to be good at what he does to help people that they also have a moral and human obligation to all people to tell you the truth. What amazes me is how money overrules the welfare of people when we all know innocent people today and since 1999 are being exposed to asbestos by being lied to that Libby is safe.

I do realize that one does not bite the hand that feeds you but when it concerns innocent people and their health to asbestos, I don't see or hear of any doctors, or anyone other than me, with concerns to stop this known deadly exposure. Is it job security or the fact that anyone who says nothing yet knows that Libby is not safe are just as guilty and responsible for saying nothing for the sake of those exposed people? A lot of good doctors and staff have left St. Johns for speaking the truth or not wanting to be a part of a corrupt medical profession that allows knowingly people to be exposed to suffer and die from asbestos.

We are not all sheep ya know. Come clean with the truth and maybe end this deadly exposure. To do nothing only shows what side of this deadly fence you are on. Most of us already know but we are just waiting on you in the medical profession in Libby and at St. Johns to come clean. On your own or in court.

Mike Crill