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Keeping the clerks hydrated

| July 20, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

First off, I would like to personally thank all of the courtesy clerks that help others out with their groceries. These people work hard whether in the rain, slush, or recently, in the excrutiating heat. The courtesy clerks at Rosaurs wear heavy shirts and black pants or black bottoms which attract heat. The only concern that I have with these clerks, are their health. I see these people running back and forth, some sweating, some with that haggard look on their faces. My concern is that there is no water or fluids accessible to them at their stations. I understand by talking to several of them, that they are allowed to leave their stations to get a drink of water next to the lavatories, but this takes time out to go the distance. I also understand that this is a union place, but really, shouldn't the health and well-being of the individuals be the utmost concern here? I do not mind seeing water bottles or some sort of electrolyte substance at the end of the register. In fact, I would think more highly of places that do encourage fluids for their employees to be available at all times. I know that these people are dehydrated and complain of sickness. Why not bend a little and let these people have their liquids with them at all times? I would be interested in seeing how many people feel the same way considering that courtesy clerks are there to help others with their purchases.

Michelle Ward-Welch