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Saying no to 'Rubber Stamp Rehberg'

| July 13, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Read the recent printed poll about the job performance ratings on our Montana U.S. Legislators and found some of the numbers hard to believe.

With our President's performance rating at a historical low, how can any rational thinking individual rate "Rubber Stamp Rehberg" favorably?

Pick an issue on Bush and Cheney's agenda to destroy our Nation and you will see Rehberg's stamp of approval.

War in Iraq? Rubber stamp says it's going good- just give it more time.

Gasoline price gouging? Rubber stamp says the oil industry needs more tax breaks while sticking it to the consumer and our military. (Isn't war profiteering a treasonous crime?)

Illegal immigration? Rubber stamp, just like his heroes, Bush and Cheyney, loves cheap labor and is against penalizing employers that hire them.

Pick an issue or legislation that would help working class citizens of our country and Rubber Stamp Rehberg is against it. Pick an issue or piece of legislation that will further advance the war profiteering and anti-American trade policy of multi-national corporations and Rehberg is all for it.

But of course, Rubber Stamp is a "Rancher" - he used to run a few goats on his place and "raises" a subdivision.

Rubber stamp has got to go.

Robert Guilfoyle

Shepherd, Mont.