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A thank you to Rotarians

| July 13, 2007 12:00 AM

Dear fellow Rotarians:

You may recall that in May I sent you and your club a letter alerting you to the possibility of a visit by myself and my bicycling companions. What has happened is that on May 14 Eric Manson, his wife of 51 years, Elizabeth, Tom Gano and I left Ohio by van bound for Cape Mendocino, Calif. Arriving on May 18, we three men began biking north on Route 101 to Anacortes, Wash., then east along Routes 20 and 2 to Glacier National Park. Elizabeth accompanied us in the van with the camping gear. During the time until June 22 we traveled 1,600 miles to East Glacier attending six Rotary meetings.

Then on Saturday, June 23 we started down the Rocky Mountains from East Glacier toward Browning. Before we got to Browning, Eric Manson got off the right burn and had a fatal accident. He died in the Kalispell hospital later that day. Here our journey came to a tragic halt.

We wish to thank you in the Rotary Clubs who greeted us with generous hospitality. The memory of your warmth will forever linger. If we bypassed your club, we apologize.

My present intention is to return to East Glacier in late June 2008 and continue the bicycle pilgrimage toward Eastport, Maine. Whether others will be with me I cannot say at this time. Nevertheless, if your club is one of the 65 or so on the route, next summer you may get a call from this bicycling Rotarian of 32 years who needs a makeup.

Thanks again and best wishes in your noble endeavors.

C. Reid Miller

Shelby, Ohio