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It takes a village to raise a child

| July 6, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Many from outside of Libby have supported Officer Scauflaire…but they are unaware it is this officer who has been the subject of various and independent complaints from around the community. When Myron was tazered I chewed him out for running, for drinking, for being out after curfew. This is not a poor little Myron thing. It is about a cop using excessive force. Was Officer Scauflaire's life in jeopardy or Myrons? No!

I was criticized for not filing a formal complaint therefore I went to Officer Coker to do just that and was told that I could not fill out a complaint because he is not my child. I was also asked what was in it for me by protesting. I am a parent and yes, my child has been harassed by Scauflaire. The last time being a few hours after the Protest.

Parent's are often criticized for not being involved in the community so I am proud of the parents who protested for the safety of their children in this community. A parent came to me after the protest and said that he went to Officer Coker when his daughter had a gun pulled on her and Coker assured him that it would be taken care of. The parent was not informed that he could fill out a formal complaint. This is strange, due to the fact that Officer Coker teaches ethics. Wouldn't it be the ethical thing to inform the parent of the complaint procedure? So now, Officer Coker can still say that nobody has filed a formal complaint against Scauflaire.

I was told by Officer Coker that all of these stories are just rumors and that nobody has filed any complaint. How many parents know that there is a complaint form for such situations? Therefore, is Libby full of liars? I have been amazed at the response that the protest has produced. The number of people who have approached me with concerns and problems with this one particular officer even astounded me. The protest was about numerous accounts of Scauflaire and his pistol obsession. My mother has taught me "Your silence will not protect you." Speak out now Libby or forever hold your peace.

Shanda Jennings