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Marvin Norris remembered for optimism, friendliness

| January 25, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Marvin Norris, a Libby resident, left the bounds of this earth recently.

I first came to know Marvin in 1959 when I was stationed in Chize, France. Marvin had arrived at that far-off place some six months earlier, his wife Ruth had already joined him, and we spent two good years together. We were younger then than we are now, but Chize was a tiny station and we got to know each other well.

What stood out about Marvin and Ruth was their eternally optimistic attitude and perpetual friendliness. They were shining lights in a place and at a time when we were starved for something that broke the stupefying monotony. If ever I heard a critical word about either of these people I do not remember it.

Marvin was sick for a long time, but he made the last four of our reunions, always joining Ruth in helping everyone have a good time. Within a week of his death I spoke with him, and he was still reeking of optimism, although we both knew his time was drawing to a close.

We hope Ruth continues to come to our reunions, but we will surely miss Marv, all the time being jealous of Libby for having him longer than we did. Marvin Norris never failed to mention that he was from Libby, and I hope the town takes time to remember him often.

Donn Brooks

Kyle, Texas