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Racial slurs lead to knife threat at THS

| January 11, 2007 11:00 PM

By GWEN ALBERS Western News Reporter

A 17-year-old Troy High School student and others face discipline for allegedly making racial slurs to a Superior High School student. The Superior student is accused of later pulling a pocket knife on the Troy teen.

The incident occurred during the Jan. 6 basketball game against Superior in Troy, said Troy Police Chief Mitch Walters.

No one was hurt.

Police were called to the school at 8 p.m. for a disturbance in the bleachers.

"It was racially motivated," Walters said. "A Troy student, which I can't name, was speaking some racial slurs" to the 17-year-old student from Superior, who is reportedly of Middle Eastern descent.

Later, the Troy student allegedly made a gesture to the same Superior student.

"He made reference how one might look if they were in a hangman's noose," Walters said. "Then the Superior kid stuck his finger to his own head as depicting shooting himself. It was 'if you hang me, I can shoot you in the head.'"

As the Superior student prepared to leave the school, he encountered several Troy kids out front, Walters said.

"He went back inside to obtain a knife from a friend," Walters said. "He went back out, the confrontation continued and the knife was pulled. The Troy boys vacated and police showed."

Students from both schools will be disciplined, said Troy school superintendent Brady Selle.

"At this point, we're still sorting it out," Selle said. "We're certain of some that were the main instigators. It sounds like three to four - some graduates and some high school students."

The student from Superior has been suspended, Superior principal Allan Labbe said Wednesday.

Selle said at this point he preferred not say what the discipline might be from Troy.

"It will be something that gets their attention that this is not appropriate," he said. "These people were visitors to our community."

Police do not expect to file charges.

"There could be disorderly conduct on the parties, however, I like to leave it up to the jurisdiction of the school," Walters said.

He's not pleased with the students involved.

"The Troy kid I know, and I'm going to have a serious talking to him," Walters said. "None of this stuff is cool, and how easily it goes from a little goofy gesture to a knife being pulled and a gun being pulled."