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Are commissioners going to be proactive on Callahan dike?

| January 9, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

In 1934 Callahan Creek washed the ends of the Callahan Bridge away; the highway had to be rebuilt to the bridge.

In 1974 both ends of the bridge were washed away and Troy made the front page of the Spokesman Review on Jan. 29, 1974. The highway was once again rebuilt to the bridge.

For about a week in 1974, the only way to get into town was to cross a small piece of land near Lake Creek and walk the train tracks.

After the 1974 flood there was a dike put along Callahan Creek to the base of the mountain. Over the years the upper end of the dike has been worn away.

The flooding we had in November washed the upper portion of the dike out so there is no dike along the creek at the base of the mountain.

My question is, are the county commissioners and the state going to be proactive and join with Burlington Northern and rebuild the dike, or are they going to be reactive and wait until the highway washes out or Troy streets flood?

Glenn Garrison