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Why is government a party to woodstove exchange program?

| January 4, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Oh boy! As a former resident of Libby I watch as the woodstove fiasco continues.

Now the county sanitarian is as good as asking the good folks to "squeal" on their neighbors. Hello Nazi Germany! Goodbye U.S.A. Now we have to fear our neighbors because of a transgression brought about by an insincere government!

I've been wondering for quite some time why in the world our government (local, state, federal) would be a party to such a fiasco as the "woodstove exchange program." If they are really serious about air quality why even "talk" woodstoves? It seems a better idea to me to exchange the woodstoves for another source of home heat. Oil, propane, electricity to name a few.

Programs could be put into effect to help those in need purchase the fuel for these devices. Certainly the government would not want to try and put a stop to free enterprise by regulating the extreme profits in the oil industry.

While the fat cats get fatter, the government stands by and comes up with absurd "fixes" to problems.

Why not try to eliminate the woodsmoke by getting rid of woodburning devices?

Oh, I forgot - this is the same government (state, federal) that allowed the W.R. Grace fiasco. Why didn't the government practice what it is preaching and blow the whistle on these fat cats?

It's simple, money talks, while poor folks walk - if they can breathe.

Bill Hagerty