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Revett ads aimed at Cabinet Resource Group vicious, appalling

| February 20, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

I was absolutely appalled on reading those vicious ads taken out by Revett Minerals aimed at Cabinet Resource Group.

I know these people. They are local people who have worked and raised their families in this area - good caring members of this community for years.

The last thing they want is to put miners and their families out of work and to lose jobs in this area. They have donated hundereds of hours of their unpaid time to watchdog a much-overlooked but one of the most valuable resources in this wonderful area - clean water.

These large mining companies come into these smaller job-deprived rural areas, wave money and jobs around, take everything they can rip out of the ground, and leave. Most of the money doesn't stay in this county even.

When it comes to time and money to clean up the big mess, they decide to cut costs or go bankrupt and start another company. Sound familiar? We get left with the high cost of reclamation and it takes years for the land to recover, if it ever does.

All CRG is doing is making sure the mining companies follow the rules, keep their mess cleaned up and prove they have revenues set aside for any eventuality. Don't turn our children's birthright into a toxic wasteland.

Lisa Bargo