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Environmental groups' war plan makes use of terrorist tactics

| February 20, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

In the past few weeks you have been reading letters to the editor from Cesar Hernandez, Doug Ferrell and Bill Martin.

If they seem to be convincingly similar, they are.

I recently acquired a copy of the National Forest Management Committee work plan. This is the environmental groups' war plan detailing how to make all the decisions on how our public lands are to be used. It also details how "watchdog groups," or terror cells is a better definition, are to use temporary withstanding orders and injunctions to challenge all land-use proposals. It also tells how to appeal any disapproval and how to request stays.

The watchdog workshop will focus on bringing together experienced forest activists and attorneys and new watchdogs needed to provide a minimum three trained watchdogs per forest.

I find it terribly disturbing that less than a couple of dozen people have hijacked Montana's public lands. What I find even more disturbing is that this small group is having undue influence on who we hire to manage our public lands.

Recently Montanore Mine's proposal for road access was immediately answered by Montana Fish Wildlife and Park's list of roads and trails to be bermed or gated.

I've worked for 51 years of my life. I put time in the combat zone in Vietnam during eight of 10 years of that war. In my truck-driving career, I'm sure I delivered 100,000 tons of product to markets. I've paid my dues.

I'm in my 60s now, and I have as much right to drive to the top of the mountain, without piles of dirt in the road or some jackass putting a gate across it, as those people who want to tiptoe barefoot through grizzly, cougar and wolf country.

Many of you voiced to me that you feel the same.

State both what's wrong ethically and what's wrong legally; they may not be the same. Try to link what's wrong with what's legal.

Be exhaustive, imaginative, nit-picky, philosophical in coming up with arguments. The goods ones will score; the bad ones will just get shot down.

At least Mr. Hernandez, Ferrell and Martin you know how to follow directions. It's really too bad your justification of Cabinet Resource Group's lawsuit is for alleged problems as much as 16 years before Revett took over ownership from ASARCO. That's as limp as weapons of mass destruction for invading Iraq.

The licensing process between DEQ and Revett is none of your damn business. If and when Revett actually violates the law, you can run to the Justice Department with your evidence.

Until then, the last thing this community needs is someone using innuendo, half truths and your paranoia, which obviously needs professional help, to character assassinate and harass potential employers. Unless you are willing to feed and clothe the families who may not be hired due to your harassment, I suggest you take off your God robes and put them back in the closet and allow the process to take its natural course.

Harry Turnland