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Adult's comments about high school student's hair not funny

| February 1, 2007 11:00 PM

To the Editor:

Does it seem odd or is it just me that a grown adult would find the need to discredit a high schooler and his teammates over a hairstyle?

It may seem funny to some, however, this parent is not laughing.

My son plays basketball for the Troy Trojans. In a recent home game he had his longer hair pulled back into a ponytail. Many attending said it looked great, brought out his Spanish background.

One however with "great powers" thought different. So much so that they demanded to the coach that this not be allowed again in home games and, (now get this), in games at Libby as well. I believe the term used was "it makes the team look homosexual."

I do not know whom this person is, as they do not have the spine to confront me on the matter. I do however know that this individual owes my son and the team an apology.

I wonder if any other parents might be upset over this.

Brian Miller