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The truth is in the testimony?

| August 31, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Everything from experts, scientists, government, Paul Peronard and Todd Whitman, Chris Wiess, etc. from cleaning Libby right to giving Libby a health emergency was stopped by the murderous White House prior to any media coverage.

The EPA has obeyed Bush even though they all know Libby is still killing people, just like Manhatten and 35 million homes in this country. There are 20 something superfund sites in this country and each one has created a wealth of opportunity in the millions with no regard for the health and safety of the people, that be you.

So when Mr. Newman stated that EPA's priority and job is not the health and safety of the people, you in Libby, that the first priority of the EPA is "How can we downplay the exposure? Then "how much money can be made? Now allow that to sink in.Then ask yourself what has been done in the seven years and the $150 million plus spent? I will tell you. Not a thing. Had EPA done what Todd Whitman declared to us in Libby, that our homes and property would be cleaned right.

All of a sudden to renege on that committment to Libby, EPA paid $240,000 to $340,000 per house, only cleaning 10 houses instead of 100 because EPA ran out of money. You all remember that don't you? Nothing but lies. Remember EPA told us it would cost $10-30,000 to clean each home. Well this became too expensive per house, duh, and only the attics and yards would be clean, for $30-50,000 per house.

People in Libby do not live in their attics but thanks anyhow. And you all think you aren't being exposed everyday from what is inside your asbestos contaminated homes? And to top that off folks, the soil that was taken out of your yards that was contaminated, I'm telling you that the soil they put in is more contaminated than what they took out. EPA tells you afterward that when they test they come up with non-detect and detect which means EPA detected 0 to 1 billion asbestos fibers per gram of soil. Now think about that folks. A gram of soil is a teaspoon of soil.

So when you are given the OK by EPA, I want you all to think what 0 to 1 billion fibers will do to your children when you let them out to play in that clean and safe yard. Remember folks, that soil came from within the corridor between the mine and town. Course EPA stated in '05 that they have taken 16,000 samples and found nothing. Of course EPA has knowingly used the wrong microscopes to test, which is why EPA tells you nothing was found.

Mr. Newman even said EPA was offered the right microscopes but turned them down. Now wouldn't you folks think that 16,000 samples of nothing a bit odd? Since 1999, not one human being has been protected from exposure to this deadly fiber and neither have all those who have moved to Libby since 1999, being told Libby is safe. Are you all that brain dead to not realize what is going on here?

I know most of you do because you are the ones who have downplayed the exposure and it is you lying murderers who are making all that money, millions, at the cost of human life.

Thank God there is someone out their that knows what is going on. And that is why I have been telling all of you that Libby is not safe nor clean. It is your children that matter to me, not you people of ignorance and lies. Oh but I'm the crazy one and yet I do know what I am talking about and so do most of you. Stop the killings.

Mike Crill