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Shana Bernall wins Wildman in less than 8 hours

| August 31, 2007 12:00 AM

They came from New York, California and Idaho but it was a Troy woman who won the "crazy" Wildman Triathlon on Saturday, Aug. 11.

And Shana Bernall won big time, more than 50 minutes ahead of the second-place finisher and almost three hours before the third-place finisher.

Bernall biked 57 miles, hiked eight miles and swam 1,000 meters in 7 hours, 47 minutes and 38 seconds. Genny Hoyle finished second with a time of 8:38:46. Scott Gatzmeier came in third with a time of 10:28:38.

Tad Wuertz, who many thought would take the victory after a second-place finish last year, suffered an injury and did not finish.

In the individual duathlon, which omitted the 1,000-meter swim, Ron Goodman finished first with a time of 7:44:45. Ken newhall came in second with 7:57:32. Jared Lampton was third with 8:30:03. Cameron Gardner was fourth with 8:33:03. Ashley Forbes came in fifth with 9:38:31. Tom Ostrowski was sixth with 9:46:15 and Damon Repine finished seventh at 10:34:45.

Mark Heppe, Kyle McClellan and Steve Schnackenberg won the team triathlon with 8:12:26. Robin Schiferl, Grant Gibson and Jonathan Gibson were second with 8:39:54. Cyrus Maloney, Jay Maloney and Laurie Maloney came in third with 9:10:30. Seth Wright, Frank Sweedman and Karee Sweedman were fourth with 9:29:01. Steve Bryant, Delbert Bowe and Sherry Forbes were fifth with 10:35:03.

In the team duathlon, Derek Wintle and Jennifer Lambert finished first with 7:57:04. Carol Ann Stingley and Carolyn Lisle paced second with 8:19:49. Dejon Ague and Nick Raines were third at 8:28:22 and Roby Bowe and April Bowe came in fourth with 11:05:13.

Tyann Hermes won the 32-mile "Halfman" triathlon with 4:17:29. Luna Grant came in second at 4:25:45. Cyrus Maloney was third with 4:39:01. Brian Todd was fourth with 4:43:33 and Kevin Lindgren placed fifth with 5:27:20.