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The effects of poking the bear

| August 29, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I've read Patty Crow's letter of complaint and intelligent instruction (to the editor, Aug. 8) about Lincoln County's Department of Enviro-wacko, or is it emotional, planning and its changing of our addresses.

Huh? Yes! So they can find us for the 911. Also, I got their letter telling, "Thank you for your cooperation." I called the phone number they gave (888-436-2666) and protested this arbitrary change.

In Patty Crow's letter she made it plain, there isn't any good reason for this expensive (to us) nonsense. Denver and its suburban millions, as with other very large cities, have efficiently made all computer data base changes without it costing the tax-paying citizen or having to change bank book, checking accounts, driver's licenses, insurance papers, credit cards, and utility mailing addresses, without spending even a postage stamp.

What gives with our three county commissioners, our elected state senator and two house members? And what of our county's business people? Will it take money away from their business doors? The silence in the past two weeks about this is deafening.

Final comment: Many of us that come into Troy for the Fourth of July parade, some four to five thousand who live in the woods, take care of ourselves with as little government interference as we can avoid, are content. But just keep poking us with the stick of government idiocy and you will find a bear coming at you on election day. Enough said. No? Just do what's sensibly right.

Freeman Johnson