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The discovery of living a lie all along

| August 29, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Attention residents of Lincoln County: "The address change," quoting the Lincoln County Commissioners, "is a done deal." Consequently, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public, deal with it!

I attended the commission meeting on Aug. 22 and came away with this:

The people present at the meeting voicing their concerns did not have any problem with the enhancement of the present 911 system so it would benefit the citizens of Lincoln County. They did have a problem with 7,000 addresses begin changed, since large cities across the nation have enhanced their 911 systems without changing one address.

The person representing Lincoln County Environmental Planning stated that all the addresses in the county have been wrong from their inception. Think of that! You have all been living in the wrong place, and now with a new address you will be living in the right place. What would we do without them!

I was formerly located at the fourth mailbox past the 10-mile marker on Highway 37; and now with my new address I am the fourth mailbox past the 10-mile marker! But don't pay attention to the soon-to-be new number on my mailbox, 9430. It's the fourth mailbox past the 10-mile marker… and don't turn around because you think you've passed it when you see the 10-mile marker. You haven't gone far enough. It's just four mailboxes past the 10-mile marker.

Do you see my point? There is no way the new "database" program that they have spent over $200,000 for allows for my current address to be plugged in. Only the new address from the Minnesota-based company that sold the program to them is the right address. And for all of you, too. Remember, it's not an inconvenience to change that old address, because we should be thanking them for the discovery that we've all lived at the wrong address all along. And by the way, the city of Libby has had perfect addresses from the beginning. Just you country folk didn't know where you lived, and the commissioners have found you, and will make sure you aren't lost again.

Have you heard that saying, "We just want to help you?" Thanks, Lincoln County Commissioners.

It's going to be fun, just as soon as they tell me where I thought I really was.

Sandra P. Willis