Saturday, June 03, 2023

Trying to find the truth in Libby

| August 22, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

How about standing up for all the people who have died and those who suffer from not being told the truth that what you breathe/swallow will kill you?

How about ending this deadly exposure on new innocent healthy people, families who have been lied to since 1999 in order to get them to move to Libby?

How about holding all of you who are responsible for allowing those folks to be exposed only to suffer and die as the rest of us who were lied to about Libby?

I wish I could put you all in prison because you are knowingly killing people and you ought to hang for what you have done and continue to do, knowingly. Some day you will. Read Paul Peters story titled Libby meets Manhatten.

We are getting close to the truth and then you all will be held accountable and I can't wait. Those who have moved to Libby since 1999 will have one hell of a lawsuit against all of you murderers. Chew on that….

I have a idea that instead of rewarding all of you upidyups with a raise that instead, donate that money/raise to help people who want/need to leave Libby for the sake of their existance.

Everyone of you who expect a raise may I remind you that it is you upidyups who are responsible for lying about the truth that Libby is not safe, allowing people/families to move to Libby by the lies that you all know are being told to sell Libby.

Why should any of you get a raise for what you all have allowed to continue? If you ever did your job that you swore to do, you would be protecting people/families instead of knowingly allowing them to be exposed to die.

But then again, once the truth is out of the bag, you all won't need a raise because you all will be making license plates for a nickel a piece. I can't wait. Stop the killings.

Mike Crill