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A North American Union?

| August 22, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The patriots are waking up! They no longer sleep while the America we love is being sucked into the North American Union, a merger with Canada and Mexico.

The Texas legislature is waking up. They suspended, for two years, construction on the NAFTA road, scheduled to slash across our country from Mexico to Canada, with no inspections until Kansas City, and that in a Mexican owned enclave!

Even the House of Representatives is coming to. Eighteen brave men and women signed on to sponsor House Concurrent Resolution #40, against North American Union and the NAFTA Road., Inlcuding three republican presidential candidates: Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul.

Now when the somnolent senate wakes up to realize they have been had, that NAU is not a trade agreement, but a treaty subject to their ratification, maybe we can still snatch our country back from the internationalists.

What we need is a roll call vote on the subject. No sane politician would vote on the record to put us into the North American Union.

Maybe that awful grass roots bunch who soundly defeated the amnesty bill should go to work again.

Lola Perrins

Big Timber