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Supporting immigration reform

| August 17, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

In response to the reader citing immigration reform/deportment. I also support this philosophy. I reside in Texas the majority of the time as a truckdriver. I grew up in Libby as did all of my family.

In September 1993, Harvey Krebs was killed in a motorcycle accident in Elmira, Idaho. He attended Libby High School and left behind two stepchildren and a grandchild. His happiness factor was fulfilled, but ended early due to immigration laws and stupidity.

On a clear night, a drunk, illegal driver made a left turn into him. He was conscious, but shortly after the driver fled the scene. He was struck again by another car who also remains unidentified. But, at least they called 911 to report the fatality.

Because the illegal was hired by a local tree farm, and had borrowed his cousin's car, they couldn't charge him as he fled to Portland, Ore.

My brother was sober. Fast forward to statistics that say an illegal alien has a legal citizenship in 13 years and you know the true cost of justice denied. We have DNA, skin, blood and an impounded car. Identity etc. and immigration laws cannot prosecute. Ship them home and flag the murderers.

In Texas, all our ballots are in Spanish. CDL driver's license, also in Spanish. All violate federal law.

Sandra Krebs Grover