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Address changes causing undo hardship?

| August 17, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I too am a victim of the address change. I was told there are over 7,000 Lincoln County households outside the city limits of Libby, Troy and Eureka.

Only about 150 of those households will not be impacted by the address change. That's 6,800 households that will have to bear the burden of making all the necessary changes.

The costs of the change will place undo hardships on those of us who are low income or fixed income. For myself I have determined it will cost over $100 to make the changes not to mention the many hours of phone calls and letter writing.

We are to be given a year to make the address change, so you can spread out the cost? Well lah-dee-dah, it's still $100 that I, personally, cannot afford.

The power's that be have made some pretty good decisions for the county and some not so good decisions. This is by far the most ludicrous decision they have ever made and will be causing hardship for thousands of families. I have yet to hear one good reason for this change.

The enhanced 911 system will operate just fine without changing the addresses, it just accepts the data entered. It doesn't care if my address is 126 or 150, my street is one block long and I am in the last house. I am sure the emergency services can find me just as easily without the change.

County Commissioners please listen to your constituents and rethink this fiasco; it hasn't yet been implemented so please look at what you are doing and how you are hurting the citizens of Lincoln County. We deserve better than this.

Fellow victims contact your Commissioner; attend the county commission meetings; scream, shout, lets pull together and see if we can put a stop to this nightmare.

Jeri Koontz