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Stand up for couple who lost herd

| August 10, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

With the recent stories about brucellosis and the devastating impact it had on Jim and Sandy Morgan in Bridger, Mont., we have an opportunity to do the right thing.

If we as a community, county and state join to come alongside this couple, we could make a huge statement to our government and to each other.

We could make our voices heard and let our representatives know that if they expect us to make huge sacrifices, to give up all we have worked for or whatever they ask next for the good of the majority, we will stand up against the failure of the powers that be to treat us fairly in return.

In the Morgans' case, they were treated like common criminals when all along they were cooperative, and then were left with no help or support from the state that has, in their own words "saved millions and millions of dollars" by the Morgans' sacrifice.

Can we not see the injustice of it all, and do we think we are immune to such mistreatment? Any one of us could be next.

Please do not be silent, for silence only emboldens and creates tyranny.

The Morgans have earned our support in word and/or financial compensation to ease the heartache and burden and help restore faith in humanity.

Coming together in large numbers with a loud voice, we can make this statement: "We will not be at the mercy of such tyrannical, Gestapo tactics."

Jackie Taylor