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Meeting the locals

| August 8, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The letter from Ruth Jessup was surely to the point. The editor and staff of The Western News need to pay more attention to the poor example they are showing to the public who buys their paper. They need a proof-reader, and the editor needs to acquaint herself with the locals and learn how to spell names, etc. We were always taught that a person's name was their most precious possession and to not treat it that way is an insult. A proofreader would answer a lot of these problems.

Another error was the name of "Sammi Pierce" under the picture of the library group during the Harry Potter presentation. The person actually was "Sami Pearson," head librarian. I suggest that if Erika Kirsch has a question about names that she consult an employee who has been a Libby resident for awhile.

Joan Runyan