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Donation evokes memories, raises Relay funds

| August 3, 2007 12:00 AM

By CAROL HOLOBOFF The Western News

When Bert Stingley was a little boy he watched his dad, who people called Sting, grind and polish the knives he made. Sting's knives were pieces of art and brought a handsome price, but they were also meant to be used. Those knives are still revered in Stingley's hometown of Fort Peck, Mont.

Although Bert wanted one of his dad's knives when he was a kid, he did not get one of the valuable items until after he was a grown man.

Bert's dad died of cancer in 2005 and the loss is still painful.

Sting willed his knife making equipment to Bert and although the memories of watching his father make knives are bittersweet, those memories are guiding Bert as he begins making his own knives.

Bert's wife, Carol Ann asked if he would consider donating a knife to the Relay for Life fundraiser and Bert grabbed at the chance to honor his father in that way.

Bert donated the first knife he ever made. It is made of planer blade, not stainless, so it holds an edge well and the handle is hand-filed India Stag with a brass guard. Kenny the Cobbler made the sheath and Helen from Hall's Jewelry engraved "Sting" on the blade.

The knife which is being raffled off for $2 a ticket or 3 for $5, can be seen at Timberline Auto Center. The money raised will be given to the American Cancer Society.

Bert said it is very fitting to donate a knife in his dad's memory not only because Sting died of cancer, but also because his dad donated many of his knives to charity.