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Thanks to vehicle that stopped to let pedestrian cross

| April 20, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

The "Pedestrian Zone" or more frequently referred to as the crosswalks — I'm writing this to perhaps bring a little more attention to what they cause and what might be a solution?

I'm an avid walker and I try to be as courteous to the motorized individual as they are to me and the zone. I could tell ya times that "well." But I'll first mention my last experience.

I always try to stand back until the traffic from the stop lights slow. On this day I was standing at a zone between lights. I was probably 6-8 feet from the curb because of heavy traffic. This lady, either being courteous or respecting my zone rights, hit the brakes and waved me on to cross but behind her was a fully loaded logging truck and how he got it stopped, well here is what I was looking at. A mother with a young one in a child seat in the back seat.

My hat's off to the truck driver, and I say thank you and as for my thought on the solution, it's very simple, really. At the curb put a 36-inch by 16-inch colored box. If one wants to cross, step onto it, if not stand back and let traffic flow as usual.

Am I afraid of the zone? Hardly, but when I cross a street, it's in the middle of the block. That way it's my way.

Pete Williams