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Tours always available at Troy Mine

| April 6, 2007 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

There has been considerable discussion of the Rock Creek and Troy mines in the paper recently. Although it's disheartening when so many mischaracterizations and blatantly untrue statements are printed, those of us who work for Revett Minerals are firm believers in free speech and know that open dialogue about projects like Troy and Rock Creek is important.

In a recent letter a leading opponent of the mines criticized many local folks and said, "Maybe they have never visited the Troy Mine."

Now there's an area I think we can strongly agree on — anyone interested in these issues should indeed visit the Troy Mine. That's why, from the time Revett took over the reins of running the existing Troy operation and permitting the future Rock Creek Mine, we've offered tours at Troy to display how we're operating today and give insight to how we will in the future.

So, as the general manager, I'd like to personally invite anyone interested to contact us for a tour. Just call (406) 295-5882 ext. 224 and Lloyd Doney will set it up.

We're very proud of the work we do at Troy, providing necessary raw materials for our country while simultaneously protecting this wonderful environment provided by this area we all love calling our home. I'm particularly proud of the more than 170 men and women who work so hard to make Troy one of the safest, environmentally sound mines in the world.

So give us a ring - we'd enjoy having you stop by.

Doug Miller

General Manager

Troy Mine