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On the Right Track

| April 6, 2007 12:00 AM

The Libby Rod and Gun Club and Libby Archery Club are on the right track with their proposal to designate an area along Libby Creek for archery hunting only.

The area in question is already pretty densely populated, and more houses are springing up all the time. A bullet from a high-powered hunting rifle can travel a very long way and go right through a house. It's just not a safe place to be shooting without a sure backstop.

As Don Clark told the county commissioners, there's plenty of open space for hunting around here. Designating a residential area "archery only" is a pretty small concession.

Many area residents are already in support of the plan.

While acknowledging the hazards associated with shooting a rifle in a residential area, Commissioner Rita Windom expressed some valid concern about the area's burgeoning deer population. Herds of deer become habituated to living in close proximity to humans, and a lot of them end up being hit and killed on the highway, often causing major damage to vehicles and sometimes serious injuries to people.

That's where the archery club comes in. Board member Ken Rayome said the club would like to use the area to provide special hunts for young hunters.

It sounds like a win-win situation, one that will increase safety for area residents while promoting bow hunting opportunities area youngsters and doing something to keep the deer population in check. - Brent Shrum