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You made me what I am today

| September 27, 2006 12:00 AM

By Brian Morris

I've always followed you around since we were little. Whether it was getting stuck in the snow and you rescued me or fishing in the lake with mom's towel as our net.

I was in your footsteps wanting to trace them - make them mine.

You taught me how to be a ballplayer and athlete, a competitor, a fighter and a person. I learned many things from you, which I still carry with me - how to be fair, compassionate and a work ethic that most people would be envious of or misunderstand.

I followed you around wanting to play with you and your friends, not the kids my age. I wanted to compete at the highest level and still do, not backing down ever.

Through school I followed you through sports and even to different states.

You made me who I am today.

Striving for more out of life (learning, doing and being . . . with this brings questions and sometimes no answers) but we keep looking. It is who we are.

Finally, I have found a passion and a direction, and you've always supported me and made me feel important. If you didn't know, you are part of me. If only I could have been more a part of you.

Our lives led us in different directions, but we could always talk - me driving between projects and you saving the world from your desk, typing away.

This has been a struggle to understand why. . . but I know you will continue to guide me.

Thanks for being my brother!



Brian Morris is the younger brother of Roger Morris, editor and publisher of The Western News who died Thursday, Sept. 21, from cancer. Roger Morris was 54.