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Kudos for Kilbrennan project

| September 27, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

I recently read the article about the re-stocking of Trout at Kilbrennan.

It's been years since I have had an opportunity to haul in a batch of nice trout from there. I recall the days when it was "the place to go," and you almost had to fight to get a spot on the water.

Then the trash fish showed up. Don't know who it was that thought that was a good idea or a funny stunt to pull, but they ruined the fishing up there.

Hopefully one of these days I will once again get to cast a lure into the waters of Kilbrennan and haul out a nice fish for the frypan. Not often I get to say this, but I take my hat off to the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks people for doing a good thing with the lake.

Bob Johns