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Heinert reflects conservative beliefs of most Montanans

| September 27, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Have you met Ralph Heinert? He is running for the state Legislature, House District 1. He has served as the representative for House District 1 for the past two years. He's a great Republican. During Ralph's past term in the legislature, he accomplished many important things for Lincoln County and Montana.

One of the many reasons I support Ralph is because of his consistent support of sportsmen's rights. It is important to me that there are no further restrictions on our right to bear arms.

Mr. Heinert also votes in support of issues that strengthen Montana families and family values. I live in Montana because I like the quiet, conservative lifestyle it offers. I can raise my children in a good community. One of the most important things to me is keeping our smart young people in our state — wouldn't we all like to live near our grandchildren? Developing business will keep them near.

I also believe, as Ralph does, in lowering property taxes. Aren't they high enough?

Ralph has led the fight in providing funding for support services for people in our area with health problems related to asbestos exposure. He also co-sponsored a resolution urging Congress to provide funding for an asbestos research and treatment facility in Libby.

I can also tell you that Ralph Heinert is very intelligent. He attended a first-rate college and majored in mechanical engineering. He is a focused, determined, responsible, and disciplined individual and has been since an early age. We need smart people making decisions about the future of our state. Private property rights are essential. Voting for Ralph Heinert will ensure a vote in the state Legislature against erosion of these rights.

I believe the state Legislature should have a conservative majority that reflects the beliefs of most Montanans. We are wholesome and independent.

If I was a legislator, I would vote just like Ralph. That's why I am supporting for Ralph Heinert for House District 1. I hope you will join me and vote for him.

Kate Henning