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We don't need six more years of embarrassment from Burns

| September 20, 2006 12:00 AM

To the Editor:

Much is said in politics today about the values held by candidates. I have thought about the four values I think are most important, and I've also made some decisions about who I think should become our next U.S. senator because of them.

Honesty - Saying what you believe regardless of what popular opinion may be. When Burns first ran for the Senate in 1988, he rode the popular wave of support for term limits and promised Montanians that he wouldn't serve over two terms. Now, in his campaign for his fourth term, Conrad says we need his seniority in the Senate.

Integrity - Doing what's right even if it costs you. Burns took more money than any other senator from convicted felon Jack Abramoff, who was quoted as saying, "Every appropriation we wanted from Sen. Conrad Burns we got."

Responsibility - Not putting today's problems off for someone else to deal with in the future. Burns voted time and again to increase spending and created a massive budget deficit for our children and grandchildren to deal with.

Compassion - Knowing that those less fortunate than yourself deserve as much respect and have the same rights as you. Burns voted to send America's soldiers into battle without the armor and protective equipment that could have saved many of their lives.

John Tester embodies the honesty, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and human compassion that both Democrats and Republicans believe in. He learned these values as a third-generation farmer and practiced them in the state Senate where increased money for schools and health care while keeping a balanced budget. We don't need another six years of dishonesty, corruption, irresponsible spending, and embarrassment from Conrad Burns. Please join me in voting for John Tester; let's send a senator to Washington with real Montana values.

Randy Kosted